One of The Best Tourist Places The North Waziristan – A and of zig-zag mountains

North Waziristan

A land of zig-zag mountains

By: Rahima Zaid 

North Waziristan was declared an agency of Formal Fata. It is one of the best Tourist Places in Pakistan. In 1910 After the merger of the Fata region with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2018, it become a district and was included in the Bannu division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has 81 councils including 75 village and six neighborhood councils. Miranshah is the capital city of North Waziristan.

The North Waziristan district consists of three sub-divisions and nine Tehsils.
The three subdivisions are :
1. Mirali
2. Miranshah
3. Razmak

Miranshah Sub-division:
Miranshah is comprised of the Miranshah, Ghulam Khan, and Datta Khel tehsils.

Mirali Sub-division:
It is comprised of the Mirali, Spinwam, and Shewa tehsils.

Razmak Sub-division
It is cmprised of the Razmak, Dossali and Garyum tehsils.

Following are the nine tehsils

– Datta Khel Tehsil
– Dossali Tehsil
– Gharyum Tehsil
– Ghulam Khan Tehsil
– Mir Ali Tehsil
– Miran Shah Tehsil
– Razmak Tehsil
– Shewa Tehsil
– Spinwam Tehsil
– Shawal Tehsil

North Waziristan is a larger district spread over an area of 4,707 square kilometers (1,817 sq mi). it borders the north with Afghanistan, Kurram district and Hangu District in the east with Kohat and Bannu, in the south with the South Waziristan district, and in the west with Afghanistan.

North Waziristan has Irregular mountain alignments and the hills appear to run zig-zag. The area is covered with high and difficult hills with deep and rugged defiles. The average elevation of the mountains is about 1,500 to 2,500 m above sea level. Koh-e-Sufaid mountain range lies in the north and the Sulaiman Range in the south. The mountains and hills form a rampart between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The important hill ranges in Waziristan are Derwesta, Laran, Vezda, Ingame, Shoidar, Shawal, Eblunkai, Alexandra, Muzdak, and Zakha.


The main valleys include Kaitu, Tochi, Kurram, and Khaisora. The main plains are Dandi, Sheratala, and Dana kiwi.

There are five notable rivers: Tochi, Kaitu, Kurram, Khaisor, and Shaktue. The Tochi River is the main source of water and is about 100 km in length.

Following are the names of some famous streams:
Khoni Aigad, Chashma Aigad, Saidgi Algad, Kanungo Aigad, Sagga Aigad, Tauda China Algad, Damoma Algad, Tarkhobi Algad, Suedar Aigad.

Tochi Pass:
Tochi Pass is the main corridor in North Waziristan formed by the Tochi River The Tochi Pass connects Bannu District with the Ghazni Province of Afghanistan.
It is an important historical pass through which military, people of all kinds and cultures have traveled in and out of this region.

The climate is extremely hot in the summer and very cold with a chilled breeze in winter. Rainfall is scanty except in the Razmak area.

Mostly the area of North Waziristan has difficult terrains and gigantic mountains and is not easy for everyone to reach. Due to inaccessibility to the forest the vegetation, flora
and fauna is found in their original environment.

Following are some important places that have tourism potential in North Waziristan:
1. Razmak
2. Miranshah
3. Shawal Valley
4. Datta Khel
5. Gurmeek (Beermal)
6. Ghulam Khan.
7. Gharyum

1. Razmak

Razmak is located at the height of 2010 m above sea level. It is the coldest and wettest area because of its higher elevation. It rains almost every day in Razmak, unlike in other regions of Waziristan. It is also known as “Mini London” due to its beauty and potential to become a major tourist destination It is a beautiful landscape covered with evergreen forests and numerous streams passing through the area making it a potential tourist spot. Razmak is a highly mineralized zone
It is pleasant in summers but very cold in the winters.

It was strategically built by the British establishment. They built a famous ‘Razmak Fort’ to control warrior tribes. There is a cadet college named ‘Razmak Cadet College’. It was established in 1976.

The most famous places in Razmak are Bara Pishth, Alexandria, Charbandai, Mamotha, and Shoi Dar Ghar.

2 Miranshah

Miranshah is the capital city of North Waziristan and lies 17 km (11 mi) from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border (Durand Line).
It is located at an elevation of about 930 meters (3,050 ft) above sea level. Actually, Miranshahis is a wide valley surrounded by small hills of the Hindu Kush Mountain range and lies on the banks of the Tochi River. It is a developed town as compared to other areas of North Waziristan. Miramshah has a historical fort built by the British in 1905. Another significance of this town is a 7,000 ft. long airfield, which is used for both civil and military purposes.

3. Shawal valley
It is a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains that are spread in North Waziristan and Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Paktia. It is one of the most beautiful valleys with sizeable pine nut forests.

4 Alexandria Fort
Alexander Fort is a fort in Razmak located on the top of a mountain
The British forces established this fort. The fort is named after the British Army Officer “Alexander”.

5 Datta Khel
Datta Khel is a scenic and Mountainous area. It has potential for tourism.

6 Beermal/ Gurmeek
It is a beautiful place with Historical attractions, it has the Shrine of famous freedom fighter Ippi Faqir.

7 Ghulam Khan
Ghulam Khan is a town that lies on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is the third most important border crossing point between Pakistan and Afghanistan, after Chaman and Torkham. It is located 400 km from Peshawar and 40 km from Miran Shah

8 Gharyum
Gharyum is a beautiful mountainous region. It is a cold area with natural beauty.

It is concluded that the North Waziristan district has a high potential for tourism. It has a lot of picturesque beauty and historical places as well. Some places are ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, swimming, and hiking and can attract tourists from all over the world if they are developed properly.



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