What you should to know about winter in Russia ?

The main event of Russian winter is new year’s festival. New year is the most favorite holiday in Russia. Since the beginning of December, people begin to decorate their homes, offices, shops, girls buy new dresses and looking for new recipes for the New years menu. In this year new years vacations will last from 30 of December 2018 till 08 of January 2019, in time between New Year and Christmas. You should to know that Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 07 because the official religion in Russia is Orthodoxy, not Catholicism or Protestantism, and  Orthodoxy use another calendar.

The most magnificent celebrations there is, of course, in the capital of Russia – Moscow and in the cultural capital of Russia – St. Petersburg.

Moscow is changing and the fairy tale can be felt even in the air. The capital of Russia is bright, magically dressed up, full of lights, fascinating atmosphere. Every year, tens of thousands of Muscovites and tourists come to Red square to take pictures. Year after year decorations and illumination become richer and brighter. The largest  fair festival  in Europe “Journey to Christmas” is held annually in Moscow in late December – early January. This is, without any doubt, the brightest event of the year in the capital! This year it will last from December 21, 2018-January 20, 2019. Guests of the festival will be able to taste the best Christmas treats from different parts of Russia and Europe, admire the fabulously beautiful illumination objects of world-famous light artists and see the performances of street theater actors in the open air. Performances, ice ballets, master classes, winter games and stunning light installations will create a magical new year atmosphere. Tverskaya street will be the epicenter of the festival. A good tradition of the festival “Journey to Christmas” is the arrival Santa Claus and snow Maiden from Great Ustyug. They meet guests in their fabulous residence, which is located in  Kuzminki park. All the kids will have a bright meeting with Santa Claus, with whom they can talk and also take a photo.

Festival “Ice Moscow”, also begins in late December. The height of some of the sculptures, which will be presented at the exhibition in 2019, will reach 13 meters, and it will be a record in the history of this festival.

Almost every year, festival of ice art “V’yugovey” is held at the exhibition center of Moscow. Each event has its own theme, from Christmas characters to UFOs or biblical heroes. Besides visiting the exhibition, you can ride skating on the main rink, and skiing, sleigh rides, snowboarding, etc.  Every day there is a lot of entertainment events, as well as exhibitions and Christmas markets in the pavilions. The museums of Cosmonautics, Illusion, Cinema and the house of fairy Tales host children’s performances. You can relax in the many cafes and restaurants.

Need to say, that predict weather in Moscow on a new year night in advance impossible, this can be from +3C until -20C.

The weather in St. Petersburg is not very cold, new year’s eve can be from +5 to -9. But there may be high humidity and strong winds, so you need to stock up on warm clothes, hat and gloves. The main city events and mass festivities in St. Petersburg are held at the Palace square. And the main new year’s fair is held on Pionerskaya square. Here you have the opportunity to taste national dishes from different countries of the world, such as Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, India, China, Georgia, and regions of Russia, buy various national souvenirs, skate, watch performances of street artists.

After the new year holidays, you can go hunting for the borealis. One of the most successful places to observe the borealis in Russia are the Khibiny mountains. About 10 km from the city  Apatity there is a freshwater lake Imandra, on the shore of which there are a dozen tourist complexes. In addition to the lens, on the basis of rest you can go skiing, ice fishing, Snowmobiling, husky and reindeer safaris, bathing procedures, and barbecue grills. Those who are not ready to move far away from  cities, can try to catch the borealis in Arkhangelsk, but you can see it only with high solar activity. However, the most suitable option, in my opinion, is the Murmansk region, not very far, not very expensive, not very cold. I recommend to visit the village of Teriberka, which is 150 km from Murmansk. Weather in Teriberka can be from -3 to -20 and very snowy. Snowfall can   fully cover a medium-sized car  for 20 minutes.  If you are staying in Murmansk, you will need to drive at least 50 km from the city to see the beauty of the sky.

Recently, Oymyakon has become popular among tourists-the coldest place on earth, where people live and work constantly. Oymyakon is a village in the Republic of Yakutia of Russia, where about 500 people live.

The shortest day in December in Oymyakon  is three hours. But in summer, there are white night — light all day and night.  The minimum temperature in winter is -82 °C. Here vodka freezes in the cold and convert to ice, as well as mercury thermometers. If you had hit  a metal  by metal, you will get sparks. Local residents endure the washed clothers out home. In a minute it becoming solid. Two hours later they gathered it, very carefully, otherwise you can break a pillow case or to tear  shirt collar.
Permafrost makes it very difficult to dig graves. People pray that no one dies in the winter.

In this weather, you need to pay special attention to the clothes.  It is best to keep the heat 4-5 layers of clothing from different fabrics. First, you need to wear a thick cotton suit, a few thin, not very tight-fitting wool pants and sweaters (2-3 thin sweaters warm much better than one thick, as between them an air layer is formed) and a suit or jumpsuit made of synthetic fabric. At the exit of heat in the cold you must first stand on the street until a state of light freezing. Then go back to the heat home. Stay at heat till u feel little bit warm, but not too much, and then you can safely go wherever you want. Now you almost will not feel cold.

And at the end of the Russian winter comes  te season of ice of lake Baikal. In March, when the wind blow the snow cover from the surface of lake Baikal, the lake turns into a giant ice rink. Days become sunny and not so cold, the temperature can be from 0 to -10. On a Sunny day on the ice, you can even get a tan. At this time many tourists come to Baikal.

Written by Ksenia Aliksveena

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